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International Bulk SMS

In the age of globalization & advancement in telecommunication technologies, no business is confined to local boundaries. Today, businesses are in the process of expanding beyond their national boundaries to make their presence in international markets. In order to promote products & services international bulk SMS marketing has proved to be a very effective & economical medium. Here it is worth noting that international bulk SMS is concerned with sending SMS in bulk quantities to international customers / subscribers.

Features of international bulk SMS

  • Instant delivery provided

  • Precision customer targeting

  • Send SMS with attachments

  • Use of international gateways

  • SMS Gateway API

  • SMS from the Web

  • Desktop application

  • Detailed campaign monitoring

Advantages of international bulk SMS

  • Greater reach beyond local boundaries

  • Brand awareness in international markets

  • Generation of leads & increased business

  • Increased customer traction

  • Instant campaign implementation & response

Why Dove Soft?

Dove Soft is not only a leading business communication solutions provider in India but the company has been actively delivering communication solutions for international markets as well. The company is actively providing its bulk SMS services for 200+ countries with a support of over 1200 + networks. It wouldn't be wrong to say that Dove Soft is one of the fastest growing international bulk SMS providers in Mumbai, India.
The company has a tie-up as principal business partner with major telecom networks (over 1200+ networks) hence capable of providing the best of pricing to clients for international bulk SMS marketing.
The company has also invested heavily in upgrading its technological infrastructure to best suit the requirements of international markets. Dove Soft can deliver International bulk SMS in no time so that the campaign can be launched by clients in the shortest possible time period.

Dove Soft Messaging Products

SMS Gateway API

Dove Soft EAPI allows your organization to SMS enable your own applications. The EAPI can be used for tasks from automatic notification to message delivery status.

SSMS from the Web

Dove Soft Web terminal enables you to log in from any internet enabled computer and communicate instantly via bulk SMS text messaging.

Desktop Text Messenger

Dove Soft Text Messenger makes two-way SMS marketing a much easier task. This feature rich software is quick to install and easy to use.
Dove Soft, a leading international bulk SMS provider offers you a window to market your products & services in international markets at most competitive pricing equipped with top of the class technology, get in touch with us to know the best international bulk SMS solution for you!

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