Voice Broadcasting

Voice Broadcasting is a technique of sending pre-recorded voice messages to your audience.
Our interactive voice broadcasting platform is based on latest technology and is capable of handling huge traffic.
As a reliable and convenient voice broadcasting solution provider in India, we’re dedicated to meeting the customer’s requirement with real-time results. See the beauty of voice broadcasting.

Improve Bottom Line of your business

Classical Way

  • This is Hiren. He needs to send voice message to his customers.

  • He records message and system sends the message to the contacts.

  • Customer listens the audio message.

  • Hiren gets the report

Advanced Way

  • This is Rahul. He needs to send voice campaign, but he only wants interested leads.

  • He Sends Personalized message and prompts customers press #1 to show interest

  • Customers press #1 and call disconnects.

  • Rahul gets desired results with potential leads.

Voice Broadcatsting Features

Voice Caller ID

You can use your mobile number as caller ID. You can also get a unique and customizable caller ID. Improve your presence and engagement rate.

Voice Campaign Summary and Reports

As soon as the call is completed, well update the report of each number. Track the performance of your voice campaign in real-time.

High Speed

10000 concurrent calls at once. It allows you to reach a large number of people just in seconds. Make your campaign effective and generate leads.

Speak to Live Agent

Your voice message gives the recipient an option of speaking to a live agent. It allows you to focus on callers who WANT to speak to you.

Press Key 1

Send a personalized message and prompts people to press #1 to show their interest. Receiver can press 1 and call will automatically be disconnected.

Rescheduled The Campaign

You can resend your voice campaign to your contacts who didn’t answer, busy, failed, congestion, timeout ring and more. Choose the element and resend it.

Automate The Campaign

You want to send your campaign in the next morning. Just schedule your campaign on specific date and time and the automated system will send your campaign.

Import Contacts

Import all of your contact number in few seconds. The Smart system will filter all your contacts, remove duplicate and invalid numbers automatically.

How Interactive Voice Broadcasting Can Be
Beneficial For You ?

High ROI

Interactive voice broadcasting helps you to make more than 300% return on investment.

Web-based Platform

Hardware is painful. Software is powerful. Web-based platform will do the work for you.

Personal Touch

Create a personal touch with every person you reach and encourage for an action.

Surveys and Feedback

It can be used for surveys, feedback, urgent message, welcome or thank you messages.

It's Measurable

You can measure the things. Track and analyze your reports to improve your next campaign.

Political Campaigns

Easiest and cost-effective way to reach all voters with your custom message. It makes difference.

Lead Generation

Its a best way to generate mature and qualified leads with minimum investment.

Cloud Solution

It’s a cloud based solution. You only need to pay for what you use.

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